PrimeBD Corsair


PrimeBD Banner-Current Content: Latest Corsair with Awakening and Succession and Atoraxxion Part 1 and 2 content.
-Server Location: EU
-Exp: x10.
-Skill Exp: x50 (You’ll never have to be concerned about Skill Points again.)
-Life Skill Exp: x10
-Guild Quests: Guild Exp x3 and Guild Funds x6
-Drop Rate:x10 Trash amount x4
-Training Exp: x10
-Pets active: 6
-230 Energy and 200 Contribution with Unlocked Full map and Journal stats at start.
-Daily 5000 Pearls for being Online and Grinding and lifeskilling will reward you with more Pearl drops
-We are constantly making changes, which you can see in our Discord.